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Welcome to the official New Zealand Yukon and Pulsar optics website.

As New Zealand's leading supplier of high performance night vision and thermal imaging optics, our mission is to provide our customers with the best advice, equipment, service, and satisfaction. Visit your local stockist to view our latest gear. Seeing is believing.


Lowest ever prices for New Zealand's most popular thermal imager.
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• XQ19 $3999 • XQ38 $4899 • XQ50 $5699

Pulsar Quantum range

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Pulsar Digisight LRF N970

The World's best digital night vision riflescope has an inbuilt laser rangefinder, advanced features, and superb image quality.

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New Pulsar Trail XP 640x480 / 17µ / 50Hz thermal rifle sight.

Projected availability from April 2017. Prices to be announced.


South Island wallaby video

8/3/2016 Crimpy's Waimate wallaby hunting trip puts a Pulsar Quantum XQ38 thermal imager through its paces in some tricky terrain.

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Hunters and pest controllers
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Department of Conservation

Thermal and night vision on Department of Conservation managed land.

Using thermal imagers on D.O.C. managed land is great for safe target identification, or spotting game day and night. However, shooting at night is disallowed, so if using night vision or thermal imaging at night, intent not to hunt must be proven. An empty rifle chamber and magazine is sufficient proof at night.

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Genuine Yukon/Pulsar product

Beware of fakes and grey imports

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New Zealand Coastguard

Principal Sponsor
Archetype Precision Systems Limited, principal sponsor of Coastguard New Zealand Conference 2014 and 2016.


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