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Welcome to the official Yukon Optics and Pulsar-NV Optics New Zealand website

Yukon Optics New Zealand are New Zealand's leading supplier of high performance electro-optical systems for recreational, professional, and government use. Our mission is to provide our customers with the best advice, equipment, and service. To see our products, visit your local stockist for a demonstration. Seeing is believing!


Hunting Aotearoa: Pest control in Nelson with Pulsar Thermals
Spotting deer at night with Pulsar thermal monoculars, and a 200+m shot in the rain with a Pulsar Trail thermal riflesight.

Introducing the new Pulsar Accolade thermal biocular
Designed for prolonged distance viewing when a highly detailed image is paramount.


Spotting deer with a Pulsar Helion XQ38F thermal imager
Crimpy takes the boys to Southland on a highly successful venison hunt

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Hunting Aotearoa: Night Hunting with a Pulsar Forward
Howie and Nick Berryman bring back the bacon

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Hunting Aotearoa: Pest shooting with Pulsar Thermal Imaging
Paul and Jayden King demonstrate a potent Pulsar Thermal Riflescope

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New Pulsar Digisight Ultra N355
New high performance Near Infrared (NIR) night vision riflesight

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New Pulsar Thermal Monoculars
Pulsar Helion XQF 384x288 and Helion XP 640x480 thermal Imaging monoculars

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New Pulsar Thermal Riflesights
Pulsar Trail XQ 384x288 and Trail XP 640x480 thermal Imaging riflescopes

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Yukon Jaeger Telescopic Sights
High quality European optics at a very competitive price

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Yukon Optics New Zealand
Vimeo Hunting Channel.

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Night vision or thermal?

Crimpy review: Wallabies with a Pulsar Quantum thermal imager.

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Shooting wallabies and rabbits with a Pulsar Thermal Imaging systems.

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Department of Conservation

Thermal Imagers on Department of Conservation managed land.

Using thermal imagers on D.O.C. managed land is great for safe target identification, or spotting game day and night. However, shooting at night is disallowed, so if using night vision or thermal imaging at night, intent not to hunt must be proven. An empty rifle chamber and magazine is sufficient proof at night, or better still, leave the rifle behind when spotting game.

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Genuine Yukon/Pulsar product

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New Zealand Coastguard

Principal Sponsor
Archetype Precision Systems Limited, principal sponsor of Coastguard New Zealand Conference 2014 and 2016.

Professional and Government enquiries

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