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1.7x NV rifle scope converter lens

This lens fits all Yukon/Pulsar Sentinel and Pulsar Phantom rifle scopes with 50mm objective lenses.

The Yukon/Pulsar 50mm 1.7x converter lens is precision ground and fully multi-coated for maximum light transmission. It is designed to aid precision shooting of small targets, and for range extension. Adding a Pulsar IR flashlight greatly increases the range when using the 1.7x converter lens, especially with Gen1 and CF-Super night vision sights.

The 1.7x converter lens increases the magnification of Yukon and Pulsar NV scopes as follows:

Yukon Sentinel 2.5x50 becomes a 4.25x50

Pulsar Sentinel GS 2x50 becomes a 3.4x50

Pulsar Sentinel G2+ 3x50 becomes a 5x50

Pulsar Phantom G2+ 3x50 becomes a 5x50

A small but predictable P.O. I. shift may occur when fitting this converter.

The Yukon - Pulsar 1.7x converter lens has a 3 year manufacturer warranty, available only through authorised Yukon Optics New Zealand dealers.





1.7xconverter kit

1.7x converter lens fitted to a Yukon Sentinel.












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