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Pulsar 940 IR flashlight

EPS3 and EPS5 battery packs

Yukon MPR

rifle mount kit

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Pulsar IR flashlights
Superior quality night vision infrared illuminators.

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Pulsar EPS3i / EPS5 powerpacks
Rechargeable, external power for Digital NV and Thermal Imagers


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Yukon MPR
Digital sound and video recorder / player, with motion record setting.

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Yukon Spartan rifle mount kit
Mount your Yukon Spartan on a low recoiling rifle, .223/44Mag etc.

Yukon/Pulsar headmount

1.7x converter lens

Yukon Spartan accessory lenses

Pulsar Edge GS 1x20 long range kit

Yukon Spartan long range kit

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Yukon - Pulsar Headmount
State Yukon or Pulsar when ordering or purchasing.

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Yukon 50mm Sentinel doubler
Increase the long range performance of your NV scope.

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Yukon Spartan lenses
Objective lenses and eyepieces for the Yukon Spartan.

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Pulsar Challenger / Edge GS 1x20 Long Range Kit
Conversion for increasing distance. Includes lens/s and Pulsar L-808s IR flashlight.

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Yukon Spartan Long Range Kit.
Kit contains 60mm lens, case, and choice of Pulsar IR flashlight.


Binocular adaptor

Digital camera adaptor


Yukon binocular tripod adaptor
For binoculars with frontal 1/4' tripod bush.

Yukon camera/video adaptor
Fits the 20-50x50 spotting scope, and night vision monoculars.




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