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The New Zealand Yukon and Pulsar Night Vision Optics Collection.

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Coastguard New ZEaland


Yukon Spartan 3x42

Yukon Signal RT

Pulsar Challenger Gen2+ 1x21

Pulsar Edge GS 1x20

Pulsar Edge 3.5x50

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Yukon Night Vision
Large range of accessories include rifle mount, camera mount, and interchangeable lenses.

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Yukon Signal N340 RT
Wide field-of-view and compact size for high mobility. Integral high power 940nm 'stealth' IR illuminator, video recorder, streaming wifi.

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Pulsar Challenger GS 1x20
Versatile night vision device with optional headmount, Weaver mount, and daylight scope mount.

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Pulsar Edge GS 1x20 goggle
Dual image intensifier tubes produce a high definition 3D image. For walking, navigating, and working at close quarters.

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Pulsar Edge GS 3.5x50L
Dual CF-Super tubes produse a high definition image with low edge distortion. An inbuilt powerful laser IR illuminator enables clear viewing to 350m in the absence of ambient light.


Yukon Spartan 3x42 rifle kit

Yukon Sentinel 2.5x50

Yukon Photon XT

Pulsar Digisight Ultra

Pulsar Forward F

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Yukon Spartan rifle kit
Supplied with a long eye relief eyepiece for shooting with a laser sight, and a 3x eyepiece for hand-held spotting.

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Yukon Sentinel 2.5x50L
Titanium body, HST tube, pristine optics, remote control, laser IR. Wide field-of-view ideal pest control and night stalking.

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Yukon Photon RT
High performance digital night vision riflescope. Great features, great performance, great price.

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Pulsar Digisight Ultra N455 QD
The new Ultra shares the same platform as the Pulsar Trail Thermal Sight, but with a NIR optimised sensor.

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Pulsar Forward FN
Converts your daylight riflescope into NIR night vision, and can be used as a hand-held spotter. The best digital clip-on system ever!


Pulsar Night Vision riflesights are Category 6 Strategic Goods List items that must not be exported out of New Zealand.

We are only allowed to handle Yukon and Pulsar goods for warranty and servicing that we have supplied.
All grey imports must be returned to the place of purchase. More info

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Pulsar night vision

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Yukon Advanced Optics

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Pulsar Forward DFA75

Pulsar Digital NV Forward DN55

Pulsar Digisight N770