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The New Zealand Yukon and Pulsar European Daylight Optic Collection



Coastguard New ZEaland



Yukon Sideview 8x21

Yukon Solaris



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Yukon Sideview 8x21
Very light and ultra compact reversed porro-prism binocular.

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Yukon Solaris Porro Biniculars
Lightweight, robust, high magnification.

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Yukon Point Roof Prism Binocular
Extremely high performance optics in a compact, rubberised, fully waterproof IPx7.



Yukon Scout

Yukon 20-50x50WA

Yukon 6-100x100

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Yukon Scout 30x50
Simple, lightweight and compact, drawtube telescope / spottingscope.

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Yukon 20-50x50
Extremely light and compact catadioptric telescope / spotting scope.

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Yukon 6-100x100
Dual-path catadioptric / refractive telescope / spotting scope with large zoom range.



Yukon Jaeger Rifle Scope


Extend LRS-1000

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Jaeger Variable Riflescopes
Exceptionally clear European optics, rugged, fully waterproof (IPx7) body, nitrogen purged, precision internals, 30mm tube. Designed for hard work.

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Yukon Extend LRS1000
Reliably measures distance in metres or yards to well over 1000m, and measure speed up over 150kph. Has singe measurment and scanning function.


We are only allowed to handle Yukon and Pulsar goods for warranty and servicing that we have supplied.
All grey imports must be returned to the place of purchase. More info

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