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Beware of unauthorised dealers and grey imports

Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide,T/A Pulsar NV, are enduring on-going problems with the illicit exportation of their night vision and thermal imaging systems.

Night Vision and thermal imaging systems are restricted export items, and all territorial distributors are under legal obligation not to export these items outside of their territory.

All territorial distributors are obliged to hold export licences from both the Lithuanian Government and the EU BIS (Disarmament, Non-Proliferation, and Arms Export Control), in order to export these goods out of the EU. Selling goods overseas is therefore prohibited by EU and Lithuanian law, and can result in the withdrawal of their export licence.

All Yukon and Pulsar territorial distributors are not allowed to service grey imports, or to provide spares for grey imports. All serial numbers are recorded by the factory, and must match the serial numbers of products that have been supplied to the distributor by the factory. No exceptions. Only territorial distributors can access the service centre for servicing and spares.

Check our Dealer link before purchase.

Other issues

These are a few issues that have come to light:

  • Low quality fake products are being manufactured in China.
  • People have lost money by scam web sites that offer Yukon and Pulsar products.
  • The product is an old, obsolete model, not what is currently advertised on the Yukon/Pulsar Website.
  • Equipment is not new, has missing parts, soiled controls and lens, and some have dead battery corrosion.
  • The equipment is faulty, and when contact is made with the seller, the purchaser is fobbed-off, and told to send it back to the factory themselves.
  • The products are different than described and the seller refuses to answer emails or return phone calls.
  • The product fails and needs replacing or servicing.

Yukon and Pulsar Manufacturer Warranty

The Yukon and Pulsar Manufacturer warranty is only available in the territory of purchase if purchased through an authorised dealer.

Only territorial distributors can return goods to the manufacturer. If the product is purchased in New Zealand from an unauthorised source, the manufacturer warranty is void, and the seller is responsible for honouring any warranty that was offered at the time of sale.

All territorial distributors are under signed contracts not to sell products to overseas destinations.

Obsolete models

Many parallel imported Yukon products are old models that have been purchased at liquidation sales and dumped on the market at cheap prices. For example, new Yukon Vikings are available from some on-line stores, yet this model ceased production in 2006.

Archetype Precision Systems Limited (Trading as Yukon Optics New Zealand) purchases its products directly from the factory, who manufacture products to orders received from worldwide distributors. This equipment is manufactured within the month of order, and represents the latest features and technology.

Authorised Yukon Advanced Optics and Pulsar NV dealers are NOT permitted to sell goods on auction sites, such as TradeMe or Ebay, except for Foco-Opik, who are the official on-line supplier of Yukon Advanced Optics and Pulsar NV products.

Importation costs

As well as risking your money on potentially faulty or obsolete unwarranted products, importing into New Zealand incurs freight costs, GST at 15% on the goods, and customs clearance fees.

Buyer beware

In 1998 the law relating to parallel importing was relaxed. This has resulted in a flood of grey products which have no warranties or service back-up. With the removal of this consumer protection, it is now more important for the consumer to be aware of what they are buying.

As the New Zealand exclusive distributor, we cannot handle another territorial distributor's warranty claims. The goods must be returned to the place of purchase.

Were you misled into buying unauthorised goods?

If you feel that you have been misled into believing that you have bought a Yukon or Pulsar product from a Yukon Optics New Zealand approved dealer, only to find out afterwards that the product is a grey import, we will support your case in the New Zealand Disputes Tribunal for a full refund.

However, you must prove that you were misled. The easiest way to do this is to ask the seller BEFORE purchasing: "has this product been sourced through Yukon Optics New Zealand?"


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