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Pulsar N750A Digisight

The Pulsar N750A Digisight is the perfect night vision riflescope for pest control and for those seeking the thrill of night hunting with an affordable, high quality product.

The Pulsar N750A has the following features:

  • 4.5x / 7x magnification
  • OLED high resolution display- clear and great contrast range
  • 55lp/mm min. system resolution
  • Detection range of up to 600 metres
  • Massive working light range from 0.00003 lux (starlight) to 30,000 lux (sunlight)
  • Auto brightness control with full brightness and contrast override
  • Fine reticle with red or green selectable aiming point
  • Wireless remote control
  • In-built laser IR illuminator with three power outputs
  • Easy to use display layout with operation status bar displaying time, battery life, IR 1/2/3, brightness setting, SumLight, contrast enhancement, and magnification.
  • Video-out socket for recording your shot and viewing in real-time
  • Internal power source (4x AA batteries) or 12V external power
  • One-shot zeroing
  • Virtually indestructible, high impact, glass impregnated polymer body. Suitable for all heavy recoiling rifles including .358 H&H Mag.

The Pulsar N750A Digisight is used throughout New Zealand for pest control. These pests vary from rabbits, wallabies and possums, through to lamb killing pigs and herds of crop damaging deer. This is a proffessional quality riflesight that is designed to increase pest control productivity.

The Pulsar N750A Digisight carries a 3 year manufacture warranty, only available through an authorised Yukon Optics New Zealand dealer.

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Digisight N750 deer control

AR15 chambered for 6.5mm Grendel, fitted with a Pulsar Digisight, Pulsar EPS3 battery pack, and Newton CVR640 compact video recorder.


Pulsar Digisight

Yukon Digisight N550

An optional Pulsar IR lluminator can significantly increase the range of the N750A. The power output is adjustable and the beam can be focused from flood to spot. Several models are available with LED and Laser IR sources.

Pulsar Digisight and newton CVR640

The Yukon-Newton CVR640 has a Weaver mount that enables it to be fitted to the Digisight, or it can be conveniently placed elsewhere on the rifle, or in a jacket pocket. It is easy to use at night, having only two buttons, On-Off, and Record.


New screen layout for the Pulsar N750A Digisight

Image copyright Archetype Precision Systems Limited, New Zealand

Symbols in bottom menu bar from left to right:

  • IR status- indicates when the IR illuminator is on, and which power setting is selected (1, 2, or 3)
  • Brightness setting- shows brightness from 0 - 20. This is displayed for 5 seconds after adjustment
  • Contrast mode- by default this is off
  • SUM light mode- by default this is off
  • Magnification setting- by default this is off
  • Time- choice of 12 or 24 hour time
  • Battery status- indicates level of charge.
Generation   Digital
Magnification, x   4.5 / 6.75 (zoom)
Objective lens   50 mm, F/ 1.0
Field of view, degree (at 100m distance)   5 (on 4.5x) / 3.25 (on 7x)
Eye relief, mm   67
Exit pupil, mm   6
Resolution, lines/mm   ≥ 55
Max. range of detection, m*   600m with in-built laser IR
Eyepiece diopter adjustment, D   - 5 … + 3
Close-up distance, m   5.5
CCD array characteristics:
Type of CCD array   ICX659AL
Resolution, pixel   752(H)x582(V)
Output video signal standard   CCIR /PAL (B/W)
Display characteristics:
Resolution, pixel   VGA 640x480
Display diagonal   0.31
Operational characteristics:
Operating voltage   6 (4 x AA)
External power supply / consumption power   DC 9v ... 15v
Degree of protection, IP code (IEC 60529)   IP44
Operating temperature, °C   -20...+50
Operation time with one set of rechargeable batteries (built-in IR off/on), hour   4 / 3.5
Dimensions, mm   340x95x94
Weight, kg   1
* 1.7 x .5 metre object in 1/4 moon + in-built IR


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NZ Guns Jan-Feb 2013

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See the Pulsar Digisight in action against rabbits:


Click the YouTube logo to view.


Pulsar laser flashlight

Pulsar L-808S and L-915S 'stealth' infrared laser flashlight with Weaver mount.

Pulsar LED flashlight

Pulsar 805 and 940 'stealth' infrared LED flashlight with Weaver mount.

Newton CVR640

Newton CVR640 digital video recorder
with weaver mount

Yukon MPR

Yukon MPR digital video recorder/player with sound recording and motion sensor setting

Pulsar EPS3

Pulsar EPS3 rechargeable 2.5Ah Li-Pol battery pack with Weaver mount and accessories.
Discharge time up to 9hrs.

Pulsar EPS5

Pulsar EPS5 rechargeable 5Ah Li-Pol battery pack
with carry case and accessories.
Discharge time up to 20hrs.


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