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Pulsar Apex LRF XQ Thermal Riflesight

The first and only thermal riflesight with inbuilt laser range-finding. Accurate, dependable, perfect for the keen hunter or professional pest controller.

Pulsar Apex LRF Thermal Riflesight

The Pulsar Apex LRF XQ produces an exceptionally clear image, with excellent magnification and zooming capability. The Picture-in-picture mode enables the shooter to maintain a wide field-of-view with a higher magnification around the critical aiming point.

The inbuilt laser rangefinder is accurate to +/- 1 metre to a distance of over 500 metres. Three point-of-impact zero settings can be saved and recalled on-the-fly


  • 384x288 pixels microbolometer sensor
  • 17 micron pixel size
  • Refresh rate 50Hz
  • f1.2 germanium objective lens
  • Apex LRF XQ38 magnification: 2.1x - 8.4x zoom / Human detection range 1300 metres
  • Apex LRF XQ50 magnification: 2.8x - 11.2x zoom / Human detection range 1600 metres
  • Function PiP (picture-in-picture displays 2x zoom image at top of main image
  • One-Shot zeroing and Freeze-Frame zeroing
  • Memorization of zero-in parameters for three types of weapon or distances
  • High shock resistance and certified to withstand recoil muzzle energy of 6000 J
  • Waterproof
  • Internal or external power supply
  • Wireless remote control.

Pulsar Apex XD38


Pulsar QD Weaver mount. Precision quick detachable Weaver mount, available as an option. Other mounts include Weaver and 10mm Dovetail.
QD Weaver mount


Using a Pulsar Apex thermal sight to shoot rabbits and wallabies in Takapo, New Zealand.



The Pulsar Apex has a 3 year warranty when purchased through an authorised Yukon Optics NZ dealer.

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Yukon MPR

Yukon MPR digital video recorder/player with sound recording and motion sensor setting

Pulsar EPS3

Pulsar EPS3 rechargeable 2.5Ah Li-Pol battery pack with Weaver mount and accessories.
Discharge time up to 9hrs.

Pulsar EPS5

Pulsar EPS5 rechargeable 5Ah Li-Pol battery pack
with carry case and accessories.
Discharge time up to 20hrs.


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