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Pulsar Axion thermal monocular

High performance compact thermal monocular with traditional appeal.

See this video for more information about the Pulsar Axion XM30 and XM38 models. (Not Axion Key model).

The Pulsar Axion XM is an advanced thermal monocular with all of the advanced features and build quality found in a current Pulsar thermal imagers. Here is a breakdown:

• Fully focusable optical system
• f1.2 precision ground germanium lenses
• New a-Si 320x240 / 12µ / 50Hz thermal sensor
• High resolution AMOLED display (XM30/XM38 models only)
• Video recording and streaming via Wifi (XM30/XM38 models only)
• Quick-change APS battery pack can be charged with a charger or via Micro USB
• Ultra strong and light magnesium alloy body housing
• Fully waterproof to IPx7
• Stadiametric rangefinder
• Multiple colour palettes and adjustable brightness and contrast
• Easy to use zoom magnification
• Picture-in-Picture mode.

The Axion XM range feature a new 320x240 pixel sensor with each pixel being only 12 microns in size, enabling it to be fitted in compact thermal imaging systems. The small physical size of the sensor also increases magnification and theoretical resolution. The whole systems runs at a fast 50Hz refresh rate for smooth image rendering when panning and viewing fast moving objects.

Pulsar Axion XM38

Pulsar Axion XM30
4x - 16x magnification / 7.3 degree field-of-view @ 4x / detect human at 1200m

Pulsar Axion XM38
5.5x - 22x magnification / 12.4 degree field-of-view @ 5.5x / detect human at 1700

The Pulsar Axion XM30 Key is an entry level version of the Axion XM series that has the same features as the XM, except that it has no video recording or streaming, and is fitted with a lower performance LYCOS display. The LYCOS display produces a lower magnification than the XM version. The Axion Key is supplied without a stand-alone charger, charging is via Micro USB. Chargers can be supplied as an accessory.

Pulsar Axion XM30 Key
2.5x - 10x magnification / 7.3 degree field-of-view @ 2.5x / detect human at 1200m



Axion XM Manual

Axion XM Key Manual




APS battery pack

Extra Axion / Thermion battery packs

APS battery charger

Axion / Thermion battery charger
(Supplied with Axion XM30 and XM38 models only, not supplied with Axion XM Key)




The Pulsar Axion has a 3 year warranty when purchased through an authorised Yukon Optics NZ dealer.

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