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Pulsar Edge GS 2.7x50L Night Vision Binocular

Our best selling night vision binocular is suitable for search and rescue, professional mariners, harbourmasters, security and law enforcement, and hunting.

The Pulsar Edge 2.7x50L night vision binocular represents a technology breakthrough at an incredibly low price, and recommended when prolonged, and detailed viewing is required. Dual CF-Super image intensifier tubes and the specially designed R-Contact optics, that produce a very clear, information rich image, with superb three dimensional depth perception. The 50mm objective lens and 2.7x magnification produces a crisp, clear image with a wide field-of-view, ideal for searching and locating objects at night.

In total darkness, the Pulsar Edge GS 2.7x50L can spot a human sized object at 350 metres using the inbuilt 780nm infrared laser illuminator. Extra distance can be obtained by adding an extra illuminator, such as a Pulsar L-808 laser infrared illuminator. In partially lit conditions, streetlights, moonlight etc, the Pulsar Edge GS is capable of seeing objects at long distance.

The Pulsar Edge GS 2.7x50L is capable of spotting an artificial light source at great distances; such as a torch or headlight at up to 1000 metres, or the lights from a boat even further distance. The Pulsar Edge GS 2.7x50L is a very useful tool for detecting trespassers, poachers, and for spotting missing people or seacraft.

For hunting and wildlife observation, the Pulsar Edge GS 2.7x50L is ideal for spotting and identifying game, pests and endangered species without disturbance. We have sold many sets throughout New Zealand for this purpose.

The optics and image intensifier tube are made to a very high commercial standard. The body of the Pulsar Edge is manufactured from a durable, glass filled, high impact polymer, that is waterproof and intrusion proof to IP56 (IEC 60529). The binocular is light and very easy to hold and use. The unit is powered by 2x AAA batteries.

Pulsar Edge GS 2.7x50L v Pulsar Edge GS 3.5x50L: Though the extra magnification seems good on paper, we have evaluated both models side-by-side, and found that the 2.7x version is noticeably clearer, brighter, and has a wider field-of-view. Therefore, we only stock the 2.7x version.

The Pulsar Edge GS 2.7x50L carries a 3 year manufacture warranty, only available through an authorised Yukon Optics New Zealand dealer.


Pulsar Edge GS 2.7x50L

Pulsar Edge GS 2.7x50L

Pulsar Edge GS 2.7x50L

Magnification: 2.7x 
CF-Super tube inside 
Field of view: 13° 
Wavelength of laser IR: 780 nm 
Resolution (centre): 42 lines/mm 
Range of detection: 200 m


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Evaluated and purchased by:

  • Ministry for Primary Industries, Fisheries Compliance and Response
  • Department of Conservation
  • Dunedin Marine Search & Rescue

Excerpt from the Dunedin Marine Search and Rescue 2012 Annual report about the Pulsar Edge GS 2.7x50 NVB:

'Of the four major ticket items obtained this year was a pair of night vision binoculars which justified their cost within days of their purchase. Using them to identify a vessel off our coast at night not only saved time but the potential use of a search helicopter. Marine VHF Transceivers, LED torches and swift water life jacket kit kits were among other purchases to ensure our best response capability. These items were all purchased through the generosity of the Lottery Grant Board.'



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