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Pulsar Forward F Digital Night Vision Attachment

Attaches to your daylight scope in seconds enabling you to shoot in total darkness.

The Pulsar Forward F is a dual-purpose digital night vision optic that can be used as a hand-held monocular (Forward FN model) for spotting game, pests, and intruders, or can be fitted to the front of your daylight riflescope for night hunting.


The Pulsar Forward is available with the following objective lens sizes:

Pulsar Forward F135 / FN135- Small and light, designed for shooting with a riflescope magnification set between 2x - 6x. This is ideal for general night hunting, especially on foot or from a vehicle, and engaging multiple targets.

Size: 135x92x77
Weight: 430 grams
Detection range: 370 metres

Pulsar Forward F155 / FN155 - Larger objective 50mm lens is designed for a higher magnification range of 4x - 8x, ideal for longer ranges and smaller targets, especially from a rest or fixed position.

Size: 155x92x77
Weight: 540 grams
Detection range: 450 metres

The Pulsar Forward F / FN is supplied in a padded case with:

Wireless remote control
This can be kept in your pocket, or fitted to your rifle stock. This remote controls the following functions:

Attachable 940nm infrared 'stealth' illuminator
This IR unit can be used to detect man sized objects out to 400m. It has a 100% invisible source, that cannot spook game, even at close range. It has adjustable direction, focus, and power output. For longer distance, an additional Pulsar IR illuminator can be fitted to the Weaver rail which is attached to the side of the body.

Power supply
The Pulsar Forward F / FN is supplied with a Pulsar IPS5 rechargeable battery., which provide up to 9 hours use. Extra batteries available for prolonged hunting trips.

5x monocular eyepiece (FN135 & FN155)
The 5x monocular eyepiece converts for Pulsar Forward FN into a hand-held night vision monocular for spotting game, pests. and intruders. Easily fitted and removed, this monocular turns the Pulsar Forward FN into a one-stop night vision solution.

Pulsar Forward FN with monocular Pulsar Forward FN no monocular

Pulsar Forward FN135 / FN155 with and without monocular attachment.

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A hunter's testimony.

DN55 3 kills

Barry Sharplin with deer shot with a Pulsar Forward.

This is what Barry has to say about hunting with a Pulsar Forward and a Pulsar Quantum thermal:

"First night out resulted in five deer, two of which were past 200m, all in total darkness! I recovered one deer that had ran over 100m, easily tracking it by following the blood trail, which showed up like fluorescent white paint through the Pulsar Quantum thermal imager.

I was very impressed with the Pulsar Quantum thermals ability to see deer deep in the foliage, and its long range performance; I even spotted a herd of deer at 700m! On a second trip, I shot one buck and two does with the Pulsar Forward.

The Pulsar Forward and the Pulsar Quantum combo is an ideal hunting set-up. I was using the Pulsar Quantum thermal to spot animals, and the Pulsar Forward to identify and shoot with. The clarity of the Pulsar Forward was amazing, and ideal for me because I didn't want to take the scope off my everyday rifle.

Later in the week, I swapped the Pulsar Forward onto my .22lr, and shot thirty possums, two feral cats, and two rats."





Specification catalogue

Pulsar FN Metal Cover-Ring Adapter

Pulsar DN adapter ring

The Pulsar FN Cover-Ring Adapter requires approximately an 8mm clearance between the scope and barrel, and fits most scopes with objective lenses between 40mm to 60mm. Spacers are supplied with each adaptor to ensure a comfy fit.

Simply measure the external diametre of your objective lens bell, and choose the nearest Cover-Ring Adapter.

measure objective bell

42mm - fits external objective bells with an external diametre from 46.7mm to 50.6mm

50mm - fits external objective bells with an external diametre from 54.7mm to 59.6mm

56mm - fits external objective bells with an external diametre from 59.7mm to 65.6mm.


IPS5 battery pack

Spare Pulsar IPS5 rechargeable 5.2Ah battery pack.
One supplied with each Forward F.

IPS10 rechargeable power pack

Pulsar IPS10 rechargeable 10.4Ah battery pack.


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