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Pulsar Quantum Lite XQV Thermal Imager

Compact, easy to use thermal imager with outstanding performance.

Pulsar Quantum Lite XQ

Pulsar Quantum Lite XQ23V and XQ30V thermal imagers are compact, easy to use, and offer outstanding performance. As the latest development of the highly successful Quantum range, these thermal imagers are proven for many tasks including hunting, pest control, search and rescue, and law enforcement.

The Pulsar Quantum Lite is ideal for spottings animals and people at night and daylight, even if obscured by foliage. This saves time by quickly finding game, and helps with positive target identification. It is also an invaluable tool for recovering wounded animals, and can even spot fresh sign.

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  • Choice of 23mm or 30mm objective lens
  • 384x288 17µ a-Si thermal sensor
  • 50Hz refresh rate
  • NETD <50mK
  • Manual focussing lenses
  • High quality LCD display
  • Stadiametric rangefinder with simultaneous deer, pig, hare readings
  • 2x, 3x, and 4x digital zoom
  • Silent calibration
  • 7 colour modes plus black hot
  • 3 calibration modes
  • 3 viewing modes
  • Fully adjustable brightness and contrast
  • Fast 2 second start-up time
  • Standby function with instant start-up
  • Video out
  • Powered by 4x AA batteries, DN / EPS3 i/ EPS5 battery pack, or an external 12V power supply.

A Pulsar Quantum Thermal Imager produces incredible image quality, is compact, easy to use, and offers a host of advanced features not found on other thermal cameras. When evaluated by Government Departments, Police, Coastguard, and Search and Rescue, the Pulsar Quantum thermal imager beats all other brands hands-down for image quality, functionality, and value-for-money.

At the core of a Pulsar Quantum is a state-of-the-art amorphous Silicon (a-Si) thermal sensor, which is the best thermal technology available due to it extremely short time constant. A high speed refresh rate delivers a very sharp image, and is especially good for 'sweeping' distant hillsides, and for use from moving vehicles and helicopters.

Dollar for dollar, we consider the Pulsar Quantum thermal imager as the best available. But don't take our word for it, see and compare for yourself.

Pulsar Quantum Lite XQ23v

Ideal for stalking and night hunting, when field-of-view is more important than distance performance.

Pulsar Quantum HD19S

  • Detect object 1.7 x 0.5m @ 800m
  • Detect red deer >1000m.
  • 384 x 288 17µ a-Si microbolometer
  • 50Hz refresh rate
  • 23mm f1.4 lens
  • 1.8x - 7.2x magnification
  • 16.5 x 12.4 degree field-of-view
  • 3m minimum focus distance
  • Size: 200 x 86 x 59mm
  • Weight: 350 grams


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Pulsar Quantum Lite XQ30v

Designed for better long-range performance whilst maintaining a good field-of-view.

Pulsar Quantum HD19S

  • Detect object 1.7 x 0.5m @ 900m
  • Detect red deer >1100m
  • 384 x 288 17µ a-Si microbolometer
  • 50Hz refresh rate
  • 30mm f1.6 lens
  • 2.5x - 10x magnification
  • 12.4 x 9.3 degree field-of-view
  • 3m minimum focus distance
  • Size: 200 x 86 x 59mm
  • Weight: 350 grams


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The Pulsar Quantum has a 3 year warranty when purchased through an authorised Yukon Optics NZ dealer.

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Jayden King's tip on Hunting Aotearoa

Pulsar Quantum thermal imager used to spot pigs in dense cover, and direct the helicopter pilot to flush the pigs into open ground, during a eradication excersize on Farewell Spit.

The new Pulsar Quantum Lite XQ30V is the current model to that shown in this video, but features a faster refresh rate, higher resolution, and more image presentation options.



Yukon MPR

Yukon MPR digital video recorder/player with sound recording and motion sensor setting

Pulsar DNV battery pack

Pulsar DNV Rechargeable Battery Pack

Pulsar EPS3

Pulsar EPS3 rechargeable 2.5Ah Li-Pol battery pack with Weaver mount and accessories.
Discharge time up to 9hrs.

Pulsar EPS5

Pulsar EPS5 rechargeable 5Ah Li-Pol battery pack
with carry case and accessories.
Discharge time up to 20hrs.











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