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Pulsar Thermion thermal riflesight

High performance thermal rifle sight with traditional appeal.

Watch the Pulsar Thermion video. The specs apply to the XP50 model.

The technology built into the Pulsar Thermion is similar to the highly successful Pulsar Trail thermal riflesight with the exception of a new compact sensor (XM model), and a few highly useful changes.

The XM designation refers to the new ULIS ATTO320 320x240 12µ microbolometer, that has a far smaller physical size than previous Pulsar sensors due to the very small and tightly packed pixels. This causes an increase in magnification and actual resolution enabling longer detection range and better identification.

The Thermion is also manufactured with the professional ULIS PICO640 640x480 17µ microbolometer that is the first choice of professional pest controllers and discerning hunters worldwide. This model provides the principal advantages of a large sensor, which are wider field-of-view and the ability to zoom-in with better clarity.

The new control layout is very easy to use and there has been an improvement in some electronic functions, such as increasing P-O-I memory to 5 profiles with 10 distances for each profile, more reticle colour choices, and the ability to 'hot swap' the batteries thanks to the Thermion having an inbuilt battery as well as replaceable batteries.

The Pulsar Thermion is designed to compliment the classic lines and aesthetics of a fine sporting rifle, yet the 30mm tube design is highly functional for mounting to a variety of rifles with specialised mounting systems, such as Ruger M77, Sako, and Blaser.

Pulsar Thermion XM / XP

The Pulsar Thermion is currently available with a choice of four models as follows:

Pulsar Thermion XM38
4x - 16x magnification / field-of-view @ 4x = 10.1m @ 100m / detect human at 1700m

Pulsar Thermion XM50
5.5x - 22x magnification / field-of-view @ 5.5x = 7.7m @ 100m / detect human at 2300m

Pulsar Thermion XP38
1.5x - 12x magnification / field-of-view @ 1.5x = 28.6m @ 100m / detect human at 1350m

Pulsar Thermion XP50
2x - 16x magnification / field-of-view @ 2x = 21.8m @ 100m / detect human at 1800m



Thermion quick-start guide

Thermion reticle guide



APS battery pack

Extra Thermion battery packs

APS battery charger

Axion / Thermion battery charger
(Supplied with Thermions)




The Pulsar Thermion has a 3 year warranty when purchased through an authorised Yukon Optics NZ dealer.

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