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Pulsar Trail XQ thermal riflesight

Advanced thermal riflesight with outstanding image resolution and operational features


The Pulsar Trail XQ thermal riflesight is available with either a 38mm or 50mm focal length objective lens, that provides the shooter with an optimum magnification to field-of-view ratio suitable for a variety of shooting conditions. Here are our recomendations:

Model Magnification F-O-V (degrees) Detection range Suitability
Pulsar Trail XQ38 2.1x - 8.4x 9.8 @ 2.1x 1350m Stalking and fast multiple shots
Pulsar Trail XQ50 2.7x - 10.8x 7.5 @ 2.7x 1800m Precision and long range shooting

Whilst both lens types can be successfully used for a range of conditions, the lower magnification and wider field-of-view of the XD38 is especially useful for shooting at closer ranges, such as pest control on a rimfire rifle, or for shooting larger animals when fitted to a centrefire. The higher magnification of the XD50 is better suited for taking longer range shots when rapid target aquisistion is less important than longer detection and recognition range.

View the following video for operational features of the Pulsar Trail.
(Note that the Pulsar Trail XQ has a 384x288 sensor).

The Trail XQ is fitted with a Ulis Professional 384x288 pixel thermal sensor with an optimum sized 17µ (micron) pixel size, and a 50Hz PAL refresh rate. This sensor is ideal for recreational hunting and pest control.

Generic features:

Optical characteristics
  • Choice of F38mm or F50mm f1.2 precision ground Germanium objective lens with internal focussing
  • 384x288 a-Si UFPA thermal sensor
  • 17µ (micron) pixel pitch (optimum size for resolution and sensitivity)
  • 50Hz PAL refresh rate
  • Smooth digital zoom with selectable picture-in-picture
  • Stadiametric rangefinder calibrated for deer, pig, hare
  • 3 viewing modes with manual brightness and contrast override
  • White hot or black hot
  • 3 silent calibration modes

Operational characteristics

  • 10 reticles, selectable without altering P.O.I.
  • Interactive stadiametric rangefinder calibrated for deer, pig, and hare
  • 3 zeroing profiles, each with 5 programmable point-of-impacts
  • One-shot and freeze-frame zeroing
  • Energy saving standby function with instant start-up
  • Wireless remote control
  • Inbuilt video recorder with recoil activation function
  • Stream Vision WiFi image streaming to Android or IOS for controlling unit and internet streaming
  • Powered by IPS5Ah rechargeable powerpack (supplied), or optional IPS10Ah or BPS 3xAA battery holder
  • Inbuilt accelerometer / gyroscope

Physical characteristics

  • Recoil resistant to 6000J (equivalent to .375H&H Magnum)
  • Waterproof to IPx7 IEC60529 (Minimum standard immersible to 1 metre for 30 minutes)
  • Quick-release Weaver/Picatinny mount
  • Ultra-efficient heat-sink


Pulsar Trail thermal riflesight

Pulsar Trail XQ38

Sensor 384x288 / 2.1x - 8.4x magnification / 9.8 degree field-of-view (@ 2.1x) / detect human at 1350m

Pulsar Trail XQ50

Sensor 384x288 / 2.7x - 10.8x magnification / 7.5 degree field-of-view (@ 2.7x) / detect human at 1800m


Quick-Start tutorial video for the Pulsar Trail:

The Pulsar Trail has a 3 year warranty when purchased through an authorised Yukon Optics NZ dealer.


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IPS5 battery pack

Spare Pulsar IPS5 rechargeable 5.2Ah battery pack.

IPS10 rechargeable power pack

Pulsar IPS10 rechargeable 10.4Ah battery pack.











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