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Pulsar night vision and thermal imaging optics for marine navigation, and safety, search and rescue

Pusar night vision and thermal technology delivers cost effective performance when lives depend on rapid location in a variety of conditionas and terrains.

Our clients include:

  • Coastguard New Zealand
  • Philips Helicopter Rescue Trust
  • New Zealand Land Search and Rescue
  • Professional and amature skippers

Choosing the right optic is critical for successful operation. For instance, observing from a moving helicopter requires a large field-of-view when distance to the ground may only be a few hundred metres, whilst observation from a vantage point overlooking a vast area requires higher magnification. We have demonstration models for evaluation by volunteer charities and trusts to determine what model is best suited for their operational requirements.

We recommend thermal imaging optics for spotting persons and vessals in most conditions. Our night vision goggles and headmounted monoculars are ideal for navigating boats in harbours when there is potential risk of debris and obstructions. Thermal is very poor at spotting objects that are the same temperature as their surroundings making a night vision goggle a safer alternative.

Pulsar Helion XP

New Zealand Coastguard

Principal Sponsor
Archetype Precision Systems Limited, principal sponsor of Coastguard New Zealand Conference 2014, 2016 and 2018.



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Pulsar night vision

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