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Pulsar night vision and thermal imaging optics for security, enforcement, and fire prevention.

Theft is a problem in both urban and rural communities and the ability to covertly observe is crucial especially if there is a risk of violence or escape. Maintaining visual contact whilst awaiting back-up leads to a higher level of apprehension and conviction.

Pulsar digital and thermal optics have integral video recorders that can be used for gathering evidence, and have the ability to be used for long periods which is important when used on a tripod or accessery clamp. Night vision goggles are popular for walking or driving when covert patrol is desirable.

Other uses for our equipment include preventing rural fires during risky activities such as logging, spotting faulty electrical insulators from a helicopter, farming activities such as checking stock and trespassers, and

We have demonstration models aviable for evaluation by bona fidecompanies, governmentand volunteer agencies.

Our clients include:

  • Ministry for Primary Industries Fisheries
  • Department of Conservation
  • New Zealand Fish and Game Council
  • Community Patrol New Zealand
  • Forestry and logging companies
  • Farmers and landowners
  • Private security firms
  • Auckland International Airport

New Zealand Coastguard

Principal Sponsor
Archetype Precision Systems Limited, principal sponsor of Coastguard New Zealand Conference 2014, 2016 and 2018.


2012 New Zealand Security Conference product review. Though our latest products are far more advanced, this article is still useful.

2012 Security Conference



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