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Yukon Sentinel L Night Vision Riflescope

The Yukon Sentinel L night vision riflescope elevates Generation 1 technology to a new level of performance.

When the rest of the World abandoned Generation 1 technology as obsolete, Yukon Advanced Optics saw the opportunity to develop and refine their Generation 1 tubes to deliver outstanding performance, at an extremely attractive price.

The Yukon Sentinel L operates by amplifying ambient light light of as low as 0.05 lux (starlight/quarter moon). When light levels falls below this threshold, an integral IR laser illuminator emits a powerful beam of invisible light that can be focused between flood and spot that is capable of shooting large game at over 250 metres.

The Yukon Sentinel L has a wide field-of-view for rapid target location and an image quality that is clear enough for long range shooting. A single press of the remote control instantly powers the unit up, and with the aid of the range finding reticle, the shooter can rapidly place an accurate shot.

The Yukon Sentinel L delivers a viable night vision riflescope for serious night vision sports hunters and professional pest controllers.

The Yukon Sentinel L is available in the following specifications:

  • Yukon Sentinel 2.5x50L
  • Yukon Sentinel 3x60L

The Yukon Sentinel L carries a 3 year manufacture warranty, only available through an authorised Yukon Optics New Zealand dealer.

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Yukon Sentinel 2.5x50


Key features of the Yukon Sentinel L

Titanium body
Light, strong, and waterproof (IPx4) titanium body is unique to the Sentinel range of night vision riflescopes. A Weaver 7/8" rail is fitted for adding an auxiliary IR illuminator.

Ultra fine, two-colour range finding reticle
The Sentinel reticle has a brightness control option and a range-finding scale to facilitate adjustment when shooting at different distances. The colour can be switched between red and green at the press of a button.

Internal focusing
The optical system employs an internal focusing mechanism (from 5m to infinity) with click-stop focus positions. The focusing provides clear images at extremely short distances as well as optimising quality at all distances within the riflescope's working range. The internal focusing greatly improves water and dust protection.

Integral infrared laser illuminator
The Sentinel is equipped with a powerful, eyesafe, IR laser illuminator, with variable power, and focusable between spot to flood.

Select image intensifier tube
At the core of the Yukon Sentinel L is a hand selected image intensifier. Comfortable and dependable in use, the Yukon Sentinel riflescope offers the best performance of any Generation 1 riflescope ever made.

Silent, stabilised power supply
The Yukon Sentinel L operates on two AA batteries that can provide up to 70 hours continuous use. The power supply has a stabilised voltage system that prevents reticle shift and drop in reticle brightness, even when the batteries are nearly empty. The batteries are positioned vertically for reliability under heavy recoil.

Remote control
The remote control has three buttons. One button is an On/Off switch for the scope, the second button turns on IR illuminator whilst pressure is applied, the third button is a 'Quick-start' button that powers up the scope and the IR illuminator whilst pressure is applied for rapid deployment .

Remote control

Yukon Sentinel 2.5x50

Mounted on a .22lr or PCP air rifle, the Yukon Sentinel 2.5x50 is deadly for controlling pests.

Sentinel and fallow

Fallow Deer stalked and shot by Lee Jefferson, Allan Millar's Hunting & Fishing New Zealand.

Sentinel rabbits

Yukon Sentinel 3x60 Gen1


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Range finding reticle can be switched from red to yellow at the press of a button. Brightness is adjustable from very bright through to invisible.



Converter lens

Yukon/Pulsar teleconverter lens

L-808 IR flashlight

Pulsar L-808 IR Laser Flashlight


Pulsar 805 IR Flashlight

Pulsar 805 IR Flashlight

Weather guard

Yukon/Pulsar Weather Guard


Yukon Sentinel HST and Yukon Spartan
review by Johnny Bissell.

NZ Hunter Magazine, Oct-Nov 2012.

Sentinel-Spartan NZ Hunter

Click to read article.


Central Otago deer hunt.

Central Otago HF boys

Central Otago Hunting & Fishing New Zealand boys 'out there doing it' with a Yukon Spartan 3x42 and a Yukon Sentinel 2.5x50. Deer shot at 150 metres.



"In my opinion the Yukon Sentinel HST offers the night hunter a lot for a very reasonable outlay. It's light, precise to zero and is very easy to use in the field. If you want more performance you can if you wish add a doubler lens and IR illuminator as you progress, but as a base unit - and considering it comes with a 3 Year Guarantee, I reckon you're getting not only a very good Gen 1 Night vision scope but one that offers value for money from the outset backed with 3 years peace of mind."


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