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Yukon Spartan 3x42 with riflemount kit

Versatile riflesight, suitable for shooting deer and pigs at up to100 metres, and rabbits at up to 40 metres. Monocular can be removed without changing POA.

The Yukon Spartan 3x42 and rifle mount kit contains:

  • Yukon Spartan 3x42 night vision monocular
  • Long eye-relief eyepiece that converts the Spartan 3x42 into a 1.5x42
  • Weaver mount with hardened steel jaws and a 15mm laser clamp.

A rifle mounted Yukon Spartan 3x42 (1.5x42) is capable of shooting medium game such as pigs and deer at up to 100 metres, or small game such as possums and rabbits at up to 40 metres, in extreme darkness. It is suitable for light recoiling calibers up to 2000 Joules muzzle energy, such as .223Rem, .44Mag, and all smallbore rifles and air rifles. It can also be used for ranger sports such as paintball and airsoft.

This set-up is designed to be used with a red or infrared laser aimer, either fixed to the mount using the 15mm clamp, or attached to another part of the rifle, such as the Weaver rail.

Yukon Spartan 3x42 monocular can be removed from the rifle mount, and the standard eyepiece refitted for use as a regular 3x42 monocular, or it can be fitted to an accessory headmount. This can be done without changing the point of impact.

The Yukon Spartan has an extra powerful built-in IR Illuminator with energy saving Pulse technology for increasing viewing range up to 2-2.5 times. The IR Illuminator enables observation in extreme lowlight conditions and even complete darkness. For use with the riflemount, an external IR unit is recommended.

The Yukon Spartan 3x42 with rifle mount kit has a 3 year manufacturer warranty, available only through authorised Yukon Optics New Zealand dealers.

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Yukon Spartan 3x42 and rifle mount kit

full set-up on 44 mag

An example of a Yukon Spartan 3x42 rifle mount kit fitted to a .44Mag with a 25mm windage and elevation adjustable laser as the means of sighting. Note the Weaver rail fitted to the laser for the addition of a Pulsar IR flashlight. This set-up is highly effective against pigs and deer at ranges of up to 100 metres.

44mag and spartan riflemount kit







Yukon Spartan and laser

The Yukon Spartan 3x42 rifle mount kit works with red and infrared lasers (under 850nm). The laser can be clamped on to the Weaver mount, fitted to an accessory rail, or another part of the firearm.


Long eye-relief eyepiece

Rifle mount accessories

Weaver mount



Head mount kit

1x24 head mount conversion kit



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