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Yukon Spartan lenses

These high grade lenses extend the usefulness of the Yukon Spartan by delivering image performance suited to a users individual requirement.

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24mm objective lens

Yukon Spartan 24mm lens

42mm objective lens

42mm objective lens

50mm objective lens


60mm objective lens

Yukon Spartan/NV 5x60 60 mm objective lens

Standard eyepiece (1x)

Yukon Spartan standardeyepiece

.5x converter eyepiece

Yukon Spartan standardeyepiece

Lens configurations

Lenses Configuration Remarks
24mm lens + standard eyepiece 2x24 Smaller, lighter, wider field-of-view
24mm lens + .5x converter eyepiece 1x24 Best for headmount use whilst moving
42mm lens + standard eyepiece 3x42 Good all round performance
42mm lens + .5x converter eyepiece 1.5x42 Brighter image, very wide field-of-view
50mm lens + standard eyepiece 4x50 Superior distance performance
50mm lens + .5x converter eyepiece 2x50 Very bright image, and wide field-of-view
60mm lens + standard eyepiece 5x60 High magnification for long distance performance
60mm lens + .5x converter eyepiece 2.5x60 Very bright image, and wide field-of-view

The rifle mount adaptor eyepiece produces the same image specifications as the 0.5x eyepiece, but has a considerably longer eye relief. This is ideal for viewing with glasses. See rifle mount kit for more information..


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