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Pulsar night vision and thermal imaging optics are the first choice for pest control, wildlife observation and management

Pest eradication is an important part of any conservation strategy. Replanting native forest and managing pest species go hand-in-hand. Our night vision and thermal imaging products have been at the forefront of pest control since 2011. Since then, there has been steady improvements in technology that makes our products highly effective and extreamly safe to use.

As well as pest control, our products are used by hunters to spot and identify game with ease to ensure that a safe shot can be taken. Night shooting on private land is both exciting and productive, as well as removing unwanted pests such as rabbits and pigs that cause damage to farmland. The possum, wallaby and rabbit infestation is especially harmful to native flora and fauna. We have a range of options to observe, count, and shoot these and other harmful species.

We have also supplied our equipment for the scientific study of animals such as bats, migrating birds and moths.

Our clients include:

  • Department of Conservation
  • New Zealand Fish and Game Council
  • New Zealand regional councils
  • New Zealand local councils
  • Enviroment Canterbury
  • New Zealand Landcare
  • Pest control firms
  • Farmers and landowners
  • QE2 Wildlife Trust and other private and public trusts
  • Volunteer and recreational pest controllers
  • Auckland University
  • Waikato University
  • Vanuatu Department of Meteology (Fruit Bat control)


Pulsar thermal imaging optics used for Timaru council rabbit cull

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Night vision or thermal?

Shooting wallabies and rabbits with a Pulsar Thermal Imaging systems.

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Department of Conservation

Thermal Imagers on Department of Conservation managed land.

Using thermal imagers on D.O.C. managed land is great for safe target identification, or spotting game day and night. However, shooting at night is disallowed, so if using night vision or thermal imaging at night, intent not to hunt must be proven. An empty rifle chamber and magazine is sufficient proof at night, or better still, leave the rifle behind when spotting game.

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Genuine Yukon/Pulsar product

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New Zealand Coastguard

Principal Sponsor
Archetype Precision Systems Limited, principal sponsor of Coastguard New Zealand Conference 2014 and 2016.

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