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Yukon Craft Fixed Magnification Riflescopes

Yukon Craft prime focal length riflescopes produce images that compete in the top tier of European optical manufacture, whilst housed in a rugged, waterproof, 30mm body. These are the best scopes that we have ever seen, regardless of price.

Designed and manufactured in Lithuania, the Yukon Craft series of riflescopes represent the very finest quality, with no compromises in materials or workmanship.

The fixed magnification delivers a distortion free image, and produces exceptionally high resolution across the whole field-of-view. The image remains sharp at distances as close as 20 metres, to infinity.

Fully multi-coated lenses are precision ground from the finest optical glass, ensuring maximum light transmission and fine edge-to-edge resolution. The lens coating rep ells water enabling the user to continue shooting in the wettest conditions.

The 30mm body tube is extruded from aircraft grade aluminium alloy, and has a whopping 4mm thickness at the objective bell, ensuring that the Yukon Craft is the toughest scope on the market. The body is waterproof to IPx7 (IEC 60529) enabling it to withstand immersion in water to a depth of one metre for a minimum time of 30 minutes, in accordance to this international standard. The optical channel is dry nitrogen purged to ensure no internal fogging.

The Yukon Craft has a reticle with a small black aiming dot, that can be illuminated red with 11 levels of brightness. It also features a Night Vision setting for use with attachable night vision devices. A precision engineered optical reticle adjustment ensures accurate 7mm movement, and the whole scope is recoil proofed for use with rifles that develop 7000 joules of muzzle energy, making it ideal for that once in a lifetime African safari.

Yukon Craft 7x50 and 8x56 riflescopes are particularly well suited for use with the Pulsar DFA75/DN55 night vision front attachment, due to the optimal brightness and size of the image formed by the eyepiece.

Yukon Craft 4x32

Yukon Craft 4x32



  • Field-of-view (degrees): 5
  • Eye relief: 100mm
  • Reticle adjustment per click @ 100m: 7mm (1/4" @ 100 yards)
  • Length: 298mm
  • Weight: 480 grams

Yukon Craft 7x50

Yukon Craft 7x50



  • Field-of-view (degrees): 2.8
  • Eye relief: 97mm
  • Reticle adjustment per click @ 100m: 4mm (1/8" @ 100 yards)
  • Length: 387mm
  • Weight: 648 grams


Yukon Craft 8x56

Yukon Craft 8x56



  • Field-of-view (degrees): 2.5
  • Eye relief: 95mm
  • Reticle adjustment per click @ 100m: 4mm (1/8" @ 100 yards)
  • Length: 411mm
  • Weight: 746 grams



The Yukon Craft riflescope carries a 10 year warranty when purchased through Foco-Optik.


Look for this logo when buying


Foco-Optik Exclusive



30mm body tube

Fully muticoated precision ground optics

Waterproof to a depth of one metre

Dry nitrogen purged optical channel

Water repellent lens coatings

Shock resistant objective bell cover

11 stage red Illuminated aiming dot

Tough, high recoil resistant engineering.


Reticle adjustment turrets

Reticle dot



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