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Yukon Futurus Porro Prism Binocular

Outstanding resolution and light gathering in a rugged, rubber armoured body

Precision ground, fully multicoated 'Trucolor' optics, and Bak-4 porro prisms, produce a crisp, bright image, with excellent three-dimensional perception, and a wide field-of-view. Yukon Futurus Porroprism binoculars are perfect all activities including hunting, boating, wildlife observation, surveillance, sports. and astronomy.

The Yukon Futurus Porroprism has an ergonomically designed lightweight body, with rubber armoured finish, that provides a comfortable grip and protection in adverse weather conditions. The big central focusing wheel provides simple and comfortable adjustment for perfect focus and eyestrain free use. Reliability and stability of optical adjustments is provided by a firm metal axle which is fitted with a ¼” adapter mounting on a tripod. The fixed Eclipse lens covers are easily filded back and offer excellent dust protection.

The Yukon Futurus Porroprism is a superb all-round field binocular, that has excellent light gathering ability for use at dusk and dawn, and a large field-of-view for quickly spotting and identifying objects.

The Yukon Futurus has a 3 year warranty when bought from Foco-Optik.

Yukon Futurus 8x40WA

BUY ONLINEYukon Futurus 8x40WA compact binocular




Yukon Futurus 10x50WA


Yukon Futurus 16x50



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Foco-Optik Exclusive



Binocular tripod adaptor

Binocular Tripod Adaptor
Fits all binoculars with a 1/4" tripod bush.


Yukon universal tripod kit

Yukon Universal Tripod Kit
Kit contains tripod, car window mount and an arm stabilization bar.



"I am in a bit of a dilemma here. Usually I preach the gospel according to the more you pay in terms of optics the better quality you get. Well the words 'Nemesis' and 'never say never' come to mind here. Sometimes, and only sometimes, a real bargain comes along and it has been staring you in the face for a while. So I had to eat my words recently, as to date I have bought 5 pairs of Yukon Futurus binos for myself and fellow stalking friends."




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