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Yukon Photon XT Digital Night Vision Rifle Scope

100% Performance - 0% Gimmicks! This new and innovative digital night vision riflescope delivers top performance at a low price.

The Yukon Photon XT Digital Night Vision Rifle Scope is a new hybrid technology, unique to Yukon Advanced Optics. A technologically advance digital night vision module is fused with a traditional riflescope body, to produce a night vision scope that has characteristics similar to a daylight scope, yet has the capability of use in total darkness.

A durable hard-anodised 30mm aluminum alloy body tube is easy to mount on to a variety of rifles, and is water and shock resistant. A large aperture eyepiece with easy diopter adjustment, provides comfortable viewing with a generous eye relief. The eyepiece is furnished with a soft rubber eyepiece for the prevention of light spill that would otherwise spook game.

Yukon Photon mounted on to a SKS

These are the features that we really like about this scope:

  • Image quality is very good: good contrast, easy to focus
  • Black and white image: better low light performance than colour CMOS systems
  • Very easy to use: only one button and one dial controls all functions
  • Light, compact, and easy to mount: 30mm tube accepts common mounts and accessories
  • Choice of 18 reticle combinations: six different reticle designs with three colour options
  • In-built IR illuminator with three stage power output: produces clear image in extreme darkness
  • Auto brightness control with manual adjustment: easily altered with brightness dial
  • Excellent battery life with 2x AA batteries: red low light indicator comes on before discharge
  • Video-out socket: video can be recorded with DVR, or viewed with a LCD monitor
  • Recoil resistant: can be used on heavy recoiling rifles with a ME of 6000J
  • Price: a fully functional night vision scope for the same price as a good daylight scope!

The Yukon Photon XT is available in both 4.6x42 or 6.5x50 specifications.

Yukon Photon XT 4.6x42

Yukon Photon XT 4.6x42s specifications

  • 4.6x Magnification
  • 42mm objective lens
  • Field of View 4.3 degrees(7.5 metres @ 100 metres)
  • Dimensions 398x75x80mm
  • Weight- 620 grams
  • Human detection range with in-built IR ≤150m (depending on conditions)
  • Human detection range with additional IR ≥350m (depending on type and conditions)
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Yukon Photon XT 6.5x50

Yukon Photon XT 6.5x50s

  • 6.5x Magnification
  • 50mm objective lens
  • Field of View 4.3 degrees(7.5 metres @ 100 metres)
  • Dimensions 430x75x80mm
  • Weight- 680 grams
  • Human detection range ≤200m
Yukon Photon XT 6.5x50S Find local dealer  

Common specifications

  • High quality black and white CMOS sensor
  • System resolution 38 lpp/mm
  • 60mm eye relief
  • 3-stage in-built810nm IR illuminator
  • 2 x AA batteries provides up to 5 hours use with Li-ion, and up to 90mins with rechargeable batteries
  • Waterproof IPx4 (IEC 60529)
  • 30mm aluminum tube
  • Operational temperature range -15C to +50C
  • Mil-STD-1913 Weaver accessory rail
  • Large calibre resistant up to 6000 Joules (4425 ft/lbs) example, .375 H&H Magnum.

The Yukon Photon XL 4.6x42s for shooting medium and large game.

The factors that limit distance performance are resolution and image contrast. Using additional infrared is necessary in extreme darkness to produce an image where the target is clearly visible.

The following tests were conducted by ourselves in starlight conditions, and demonstrate the effective illumination distance using an optional Pulsar L-915 laser IR 'stealth' illuminator.

Adding extra illumination for increased distance
The addition of a Pulsar L-915s 'stealth' IR laser flashlight increases the working distance of the Yukon Photon XT 4.6x42s to 350m.

Pulsar laser flashlight

The long 915nm wavelength is totally invisible to humans and animals alike, and has a 100% invisible emission window. The beam can be focussed to spot or flood, and the power can be adjusted for comfortable use even at close range.

Pulsar L-915s mounted on Yukon Photon XT

Yukon Photon XT 4.6x42L at 200m

Pulsar L-915s mounted on Yukon Photon XT

The Yukon Photon XT has a highly infrared sensitive CMOS sensor, that enables the use of longer wavelength infrared 'stealth' illuminators than other digital daylight / night scopes that have colour CMOS sensors, and lower IR sensitivity.

The Pulsar L-915s laser IR flashlight used to take these images has a 100% invisible source, and cannot be seen even at close range.

Using a Pulsar L-808s IR laser flashlight will increase the detection range of the Yukon Photon XT4.6x42s to 400m, though the source can be seen as a tiny red dot, which may scare spooky game at closer ranges.

Note: The above images are captured from a video. The actual image is clearer than when viewed through a Yukon Photon XT eyepiece.

The YukonPhoton XT 6.5x50sis suitable for longer distances and precision shooting. With a suitable illuminator, detection range can be increased to 500m.

The Yukon Photon XT is supplied with a lens cloth, carrying case, and is supplied with a carry case, instruction and care manual, and a 3 year manufacturer's warranty, only available from an authorised Yukon Optics New Zealand dealer.

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Barry with Yukon Photon

Barry Sharplin Hunting & Fishing New Zealand Botany, with a brace of spikers shot with a Yukon Photon XT 4.6x42S.

Rabbit shooting with a Yukon Photon XT 4.6x42s and a Pulsar Quantum HD38s thermal imager



Reticle choices

These six reticle designs can be selected without altering zero.

Yukon Photon reticle choices

Each reticle can be displayed in red, green, or white.

Yukon Photon reticle colour choices


Recommended accessories

Pulsar X850

X850 infrared flashlight with Weaver mount.

Pulsar laser flashlight

L-915S 'stealth' infrared laser flashlight with Weaver mount.

Pulsar LED flashlight

Pulsar 940 'stealth' infrared LED flashlight with Weaver mount.

Newton CVR640

Newton CVR640 digital video recorder
with weaver mount

Yukon MPR

Yukon MPR digital video recorder/player with sound recording and motion sensor setting.

New Yukon Photon XT 4.6x42s. Relaunch of an 'old' favourite.

October 2014

The new Yukon Photon XT4.6x42s is the latest version of the highly successful Yukon Photon that has been exclusively available in the UK for the past 18 months. The new Yukon Photon XT is mechanically simpler, lighter, and has new features that add functionality and value.

For those not familiar with the Yukon Photon, it is a very competent night vision scope, that performs very well for its price, and does not sacrifice night performance by rendering a colour image. This produces a noticeably clearer image.

Our tests with the 's' version of the Photon XT easily observed our test human and his dog at 150 meters in starlight conditions, using the in-built LED IR illuminator. Our 'subjects' could be seen when the IR was set to medium, but were clearly visible on the high setting. The addition of a Pulsar L-915 IR 'stealth' illuminator enabled us to detect our human at 350 metres. The clarity was still good. We will be conducting tests with the 'L' version of the Photon XT when it becomes available.

During the test, we compared the Photon XT to a Pulsar Digisight N770. Whilst the Digisight produced a noticeably better image, the Photon would easily compete up to 100 metres, after which, the Digisight was clearly better. In 1/4 moon conditions, we could see our subject with the Digisight without any IR illumination when SumLight was activated. The Photon XT has no SumLight, so is 100% dependent on IR in 1/2 moon or less.

The Photon XT uses 2 AA batteries. When tested with our GP3000 rechargeable batteries, we had a continuous discharge time of 96 minutes with the brightness set to 6. The battery indicator changed to red 10 minutes before the unit shut down. We were very impressed with this result.

The reticle can be selected to red, green or white, and there is a choice of six designs. These can be selected on-the-fly without loss of zero. The Photon XT is a reticle moving system.

I recommend the Yukon Photon XT 4.6x42s for shooting small and large game in open areas when used with infrared. The price is very competitive, and I know that a lot of animals will fall to these scopes.


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